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Kerry Blames Russia for US Crimes in Syria

Kerry Blames Russia for US Crimes in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Obama and neocons infesting his administration bear full responsibility for war on Syria, rogue state partners in high crimes sharing it.

ISIS and other terrorists wouldn’t be involved if America and complicit allies hadn’t deployed them there in the first place - all of the above and much more what media scoundrels never report.

John Kerry is a despicable character, an unindicted war criminal like his predecessors - notably Hillary Clinton. His spokesman admiral John Kirby said he spoke to Sergey Lavrov on Thursday morning by phone, Kirby saying:

“Secretary Kerry expressed grave concern over the deteriorating situation in Syria, particularly for continued‎ Russian and Syrian regime attacks on hospitals, the water supply network, and other civilian infrastructure in Aleppo.” 

“The Secretary made clear the United States and its partners hold Russia responsible for this situation, including the use of incendiary and bunker buster bombs in an urban environment, a drastic escalation that puts civilians at great risk.”

“The Secretary stressed that the burden remains on Russia to stop this assault and allow humanitarian access to Aleppo and other areas in need.” 

“He informed the Foreign Minister that the United States is making preparations to suspend US - Russia bilateral engagement on Syria - including on the establishment of the Joint Implementation Center - unless Russia takes immediate steps to end the assault on Aleppo and restore the cessation of hostilities.”

Fact: America and its rogue “coalition” partners bear full responsibility for terror-bombing hospitals, civilian infrastructure and other civilian targets - along with using ISIS and other terrorist groups to massacre Syrians, including committing gruesome atrocities. 

Russia and Syria scrupulously focus entirely on combating US-supported terrorists, wanting civilians protected, not terror-bombed or otherwise harmed.

Kerry’s duplicitous accusations reflect longstanding US hubris and arrogance. Saying Washington is preparing to suspend bilateral relations with Russia should be welcomed with cheers in Moscow. 

Sergey Lavrov would be relieved of having to deal with a gangster state bent on destroying his homeland, consistently breaching every agreement reached, seeking dominion over planet earth - aggressive wars strategy of choice, Russia on its target list.

I’m able to speak my mind freely, expressing views on any topic without regard for political correctness or any other constraint.

Diplomats operate by different standards and norms, careful not to offend counterparts - at least most often.

There’s a time and a place for everything. Kerry’s arrogance demands an appropriate slap-down.

How do you say go to hell in Russian - diplomatically, of course?

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His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Russia Irresponsibly Blamed for Ukraine's Downing of MH17

Russia Irresponsibly Blamed for Ukraine’s Downing of MH17

by Stephen Lendman

The whole world knows, or should, that neither Russia nor Donbass freedom fighters had anything to do with downing MH17 two years ago, killing all passengers and crew members aboard.

The most obvious question goes unanswered. Cui bono? For sure not Russia nor freedom fighters, refusing to accept fascist rule. What strategic benefit could they possibly gain by downing a commercial airliner unrelated to ongoing conflict? None, of course.

Clearly, Washington, NATO and Ukraine benefitted greatly, more grist for their illegal sanctions regime, another phony pretext to vilify Putin, risking eventual East/West confrontation - the unthinkable possibility, maybe likelihood, of eventual nuclear war.

The so-called Dutch Safety Board was no impartial investigator - comprised of the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Malaysia and Ukraine, Russia conspicuously denied involvement. 

Its mandate all along was not to let clear evidence interfere with its Russia/Donbass freedom fighters-bashing intention.

Instead of doing its job responsibly, it came up with an implausible scenario, wrongfully claiming a Buk surface-to-air missile not used by Russia for many years, part of Ukraine arsenal, was delivered by Moscow to Donbass freedom fighters ahead of MH17’s downing.

Sounds like a bad film plot. The books were cooked, so-called evidence fabricated because nothing linked Russia or Donbass fighters to the incident.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry minced no words, saying Dutch investigators let Ukraine suppress what happened, enabling it to concoct a phony scenario, concealing its own culpability in the process, likely complicit with Washington.

Russia’s credible investigatory analysis was ignored, US-installed Ukrainian putschists made a full member of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) inquiry, making it a laughing stock.

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, “(t)o this day, the investigators continue to ignore the overwhelming evidence provided by the Russian side, despite the fact that Russia is the only side that submits accurate information and constantly discloses new data.”

“Russia is disappointed that the situation surrounding the investigation into the Boeing crash is not changing. The findings of the Dutch prosecutor's office confirm that the investigation is biased and politically motivated” - entirely without credibility.

“To arbitrarily designate a guilty party and dream up the desired results has become the norm for” the West - absolving culpable parties, blaming innocent ones.

Russian firm Almaz-Antley once produced the type Buk missile claimed to have downed MH17, long ago discontinued, replaced by more sophisticated models.

It conducted extensive analysis into MH17’s downing, its findings proving the missile came from Ukrainian military-controlled territory, not Donbass as falsely claimed.

In addition, damage to MH17’s fuselage didn’t match so-called evidence in the JIT report - including the angle of impact, showing the missile couldn’t have come from Donbass.

JIT’s report was fabricated to wrongfully blame Russia and Donbass freedom fighters for a crime likely orchestrated in Washington, Ukraine committing it for its paymaster.

The militantly anti-Russia New York Times reported the fabricated JIT account as factual - without challenging its politically motivated conclusions.

Despite no credible evidence linking Moscow to MH17’s downing, plenty pointing to Ukraine and likely Washington, its headline screamed “Russia Implicated in Shooting Down Malaysia Flight 17 Over Ukraine.”

Big Lies take on a life of their own, especially when media scoundrels repeat them ad nauseam - longstanding NYT practice.

A personal note. Daily Times editions include so much deplorable misinformation and Big Lies, supporting monied and imperial interests, I could devote all my writing to exposing them, doing nothing else, and barely scratch the surface.

I selectively challenge its lying machine, most of my spent on many other important national and geopolitical issues - vital to discuss.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Hollow NYT Lament for Suffering Aleppo Children

Hollow NYT Lament for Suffering Aleppo Children

by Stephen Lendman

Throughout years of conflict in Syria, Times reports consistently failed to explain Obama’s responsibility for waging naked aggression against a nonbelligerent nation - orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. 

Instead it disgracefully blames Assad and Russia for high crimes committed by America, its rogue partners and terrorist foot soldiers. What’s most important to report is verboten on its pages - virtual Obama administration and Pentagon press releases on issues of war, peace and other geopolitical issues.

Civilians suffer most in all wars, especially young children, many traumatized longterm, some forever, deep emotional scars remaining. The horror and effects of war can’t ever be erased or forgotten.

The Times report on Aleppo children living under extreme duress mocked their suffering by not explaining what the war is all about - supporting all US wars of aggression, failing to denounce them.

Children “cannot play, sleep or attend school…(many) cannot eat,” said The Times. “Injury or illness could be fatal. Many just huddle with their parents in windowless underground shelters,” offering inadequate protection.

These and similar comments fail to explain Washington’s responsibility for attacking Syria in the first place, using proxy terrorist forces, supplemented by terror-bombing, intending endless war, related violence and chaos - wanting Assad replaced with US-controlled puppet governance.

In all its wars, Washington is mindless of their harm to civilians, treating them as legitimate targets, slaughtering them indiscriminately - terror-bombing hospitals, schools, mosques, residential neighborhoods, and market areas, training proxy death squads on the fine art of committing gruesome atrocities.

According to numerous Times reports on Syria, including its latest, the fault lies with Damascus and Moscow, typical Times misreporting, consistently blaming victims of US direct or proxy aggression.

Saying war “appears to be worsening after more than five years” fails to explain its almost certain dangerous escalation if Hillary succeeds Obama, risking direct confrontation with Russia, why the threat of nuclear war with her in charge is terrifyingly real.

All US wars are preemptive aggressive ones. Countries it targets counter defensively - their lawful right and obligation. Assad deserves universal support for combating America’s imperial scourge, together with rogue partners and death squads they employ

Instead he’s scurrilously vilified, a national hero to his people like Gaddafi before his sodomized-related murder, America fully responsible, raping Libya to control it, the same strategy used against all its targeted countries - why together with Israel they’re the world’s most reviled states.

US imperial ruthlessness bears full responsibility for planning, orchestrating and implementing war without mercy on Syria - mass slaughter and destruction following, along with suffering from untreated diseases and injuries, starvation in terrorist-held areas and appalling overall deprivation.

America considers genocide a small price to pay for imperial conquests and dominance. Times reports hold victims responsible for high crimes committed against them.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Israeli War Criminal Shimon Peres Passes

Israeli War Criminal Shimon Peres Passes

by Stephen Lendman

Scorn, don’t mourn an enforcer of Israeli apartheid brutishness, a member of the generation of thugs responsible for Nakba mass slaughter and displacement, the rape of Palestinian women, the murder of their children, infants and fetuses. 

Their survivors were victimized by continued Israeli high crimes of war and against humanity, millions brutalized for not being Jewish. Peres’ notorious rap sheet is eternally blood-drenched. 

Eulogizing him as a man of peace mocks the tormented souls of countless Palestinians slaughtered in cold blood. Throughout his tenure in various capacities, including prime minister and president, he bore direct responsibility for horrific crimes of war, against humanity and slow-motion genocide.

He was involved in decades of colonialism, apartheid, occupation and regional wars of aggression - Nuremberg-level crimes.

He helped pioneer Israel’s nuclear weapons program. In his memoir, “Battling for Peace,” he said, “(m)y contribution (in its development is) something that I still cannot write about openly for reasons of state security.”

He oversaw Dimona’s construction and operations, Israel’s nuclear weapons development and production facility.

In June 1967, he supported Israel’s settlements project on stolen Palestinian land. In 1985 as prime minister, he criminalized contact with PLO representatives - spurning peace and reconciliation, fostering endless conflict and persecution of an entire population, including its own Arab citizens, estimated at about 1.7 million people today.

In March 2011, the Swiss-based Rights for All group issued a press release, stating Swiss authorities “are obliged to arrest Peres on the grounds of the crimes he has committed in the wake of the 22 day Israeli (Cast Lead) war on Gaza which killed more than a 1,450 Palestinians, most of whom were women and children.”

“The UN Goldstone report on Israel’s (premeditated aggression) accused Tel Aviv and its leaders of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

In March 2012, over 20 human rights groups and other organizations demonstrated in front of Swiss government offices in Geneva - protesting against Peres’ visit, demanded he be arrested, not feted.

His criminal record was notorious, including the highest of high crimes against peace. He helped institutionalize militarism, state terror, fascism, colonialism, apartheid, occupation harshness, targeted assassinations, torture as official policy, racism and what Edward Said called “refined viciousness.”

In April 1996 as prime minister, he launched Operation Grapes of Wrath. For 16 days, hundreds of air and ground attacks terrorized South Lebanon, Beirut, its surrounding areas and the Bekaa Valley.

Beirut, Sidon and Tyre were blockaded. Dozens were killed, many more injured. Around 400,000 Lebanonese were displaced.

On April 18, 1996, Qana’s UN shelter was shelled. More than 100 civilians were slaughtered, many more injured - mainly women, children and elderly occupants.

Operation Grapes of Wrath was premeditated aggression. Human rights groups accused Israel of crimes of war and against humanity. Peres disgracefully said “(i)n my opinion, everything was done according to clear logic and in a responsible way. I am at peace.”

He’s a serial killer, now gone - no elder statesman as Haaretz called him, suppressing his high crimes from its report on his stroke and death. 

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel earlier condemned him as follows, saying:

He’s “on record for being responsible for other war crimes, from building colonies on occupied Arab land to endorsing a policy of extrajudicial killings, which murders Palestinians and other Arabs without the benefit of a trial or, in fact, any proof other than that provided by Israeli Intelligence, the Shin Bet.”

“He also support(ed) the siege on Gaza, the destruction of its airport, and the elaborate system of checkpoints all across the West Bank.”

He was “on record for defending land gained during war, claiming that Israel has the right to the Golan Heights because it was gained during war.”

As much as anyone throughout Israel’s sordid history, Peres reflected its institutionalized contempt for democratic values, rule of law principles and humanity. He bore direct responsibility for crimes too grave to ignore - yet never once said he was sorry.

His life and legacy bore testimony to Israeli viciousness. The New York Times and other media scoundrels ignored it - reinventing history, whitewashing his high crimes. 

A Times report wrongfully claiming he “worked…hard to establish a lasting peace with Israel’s Arab neighbors” - suppressing his involvement in numerous Israeli wars, its endless one on defenseless Palestinians.

Known as one of “Ben-Gurion’s boys,” he died two weeks after suffering a stroke. A special place in hell awaits him!

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Neocon US War Secretary Ashton Carter's Chilling Speech on Nuclear Deterrence

Neocon US War Secretary Ashton Carter’s Chilling Speech on Nuclear Deterrence

by Stephen Lendman

Paul Craig Roberts believes US nuclear war on Russia is likely if Hillary succeeds Obama. Carter’s September 26 Minot, ND nuclear missile base speech suggests it - perhaps a shot across the bow toward where we’re heading, a chilling hint of a possible doomsday scenario ahead.

America has no enemies - none since imperial Japan formally surrendered to US forces in August 1945. Yet along with a continuing post-9/11 state of emergency, it maintains a permanent state of war, waged in multiple theaters, entirely against invented adversaries - Russia, China and Iran on its target list for likely future aggression.

Its rage for endless wars, its nuclear arsenal, and sophisticated delivery systems represent humanity’s greatest threat.

According to Carter, “America’s nuclear deterrence is the bedrock of our security” - his War Department’s “highest priority mission.”

He highlighted US combat missions worldwide, deployed with NATO members - “standing up to (nonexistent) Russian aggression in Europe,” meeting nonexistent Asia-Pacific challenges, “deterring (nonexistent) North Korea’s provocations, countering (nonexistent) Iran’s malign activities…and helping accelerate ISIL’s certain and lasting defeat” - without acknowledging its US creation and support.

Carter’s address promoted spending hundreds of billions of dollars upgrading America’s nuclear triad - comprised of strategic long-range bombers, short, intermediate and long-range missiles able to carry multiple nuclear warheads, and nuclear submarines - enough destructive power to end life on earth.

He and other lunatic neocons infesting Washington risk it. America’s National Nuclear Strategy calls for first-strike use of nuclear weapons at its discretion in all its wars - whether targeted countries are nuclear armed or not.

Russia threatens no one. It’s attacked no other nation nor intends to. It’s the preeminent world peace, stability and security advocate, its agenda polar opposite Washington’s reckless one.

Carter lied, falsely accusing Moscow of “aggression” in Europe, provocative “saber rattling,” and upgrading its nuclear arsenal perhaps with intent to use it.

Its military budget solely for defense is a small fraction of what America spends - for belligerence, unneeded deterrence and naked aggression, unrelated to defense.

In 1982 testimony before Congress, Admiral Hyman Rickover, founder of America’s nuclear navy, explained “(t)he lesson of history is when a war starts, every nation will ultimately use whatever weapons it has available.”

“I think the human race is going to wreck itself, and it is important that we get control of this horrible force (meaning nuclear weapons) and try to eliminate it.”

Trained as a warrior, he called himself “a great exponent of stopping this whole nonsense of war.” He understood the danger of US policymakers, by accident or intent, waging potentially life on earth ending nuclear war.

The threat is greater than ever with Hillary likely to succeed Obama next year.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Partial Text of Geneva Ceasefire Deal on Syria

Partial Text of Geneva Ceasefire Deal on Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Moscow published the partial text below in Russian on its Foreign Ministry web site, a statement saying it followed “leaks” Western media reported, based on State Department information published on its web site - “not bothering to agree with us (on) the date of the release” or what information it intended to make public.

“On our part, we publish(ed) the text of the relevant agreements in Russian” - the material covered below, translated into English, saying:

“Standard conditions and procedures necessary to ensure the cessation of hostilities

The Russian Federation and the United States as co-chairs of the International Support Group Syria (MTT), in accordance with the provisions of the Joint Statement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria on February 22, 2016 indicated the contact person, and determine the order of interaction between Russia and the US to promote respect and mode control the cessation of hostilities (RPBD) in Syria.

1. To carry out the exchange of information, as well as to facilitate the de-escalation of tension between the parties in order to further the cessation of hostilities on the territory of Syria, Russia and the United States created a "hot" link to simplify the process of rapid exchange of information.

2. In the event of a breach or possible breach RPBD conditions, including the resumption of fighting one of the parties involved in RPBD in respect of the other hand, is also involved in RPBD, using all kinds of weapons (including small arms, mortars, artillery, anti-tank guided missiles and air strikes), the Russian Federation and the United States will be guided by the provisions of the International Task Force, the Syrian support group compliance RPBD (STF RPBD MTT), as well as the following standard procedures to ensure RPBD.

3. The competent authorities shall without delay request all necessary additional information from the party or parties who are suspected of violating RPBD to MTT Co-Chairs had the opportunity to assess the nature and extent of the alleged violation, as well as the extent provided by this breach of the potential threat RPBD compliance. Russia and the United States, respectively, have to provide the maximum possible completeness and objectivity of the information received on this alleged incident and the intention of the party / parties to comply with the terms RPBD.

4. The competent authorities shall, jointly or independently, to determine the circumstances RPBD violations documented findings and, if necessary, take steps to collect more information.

5. The competent authorities shall immediately inform each other of the measures and necessary actions taken to prevent further violations and exceptions escalate the tension and to take all available measures do not force nature to restore compliance RPBD.

6. In accordance with the Joint Statement with military force can be applied proportional to the purpose of self-defense RPBD parties. Any party involved in RPBD that use military force against the other party to the RPBD must notify the authorized body, co-chairs of the STF RPBD MTT and / or the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General on Syria on the circumstances connected with the use of military force.

7. In the event that Russia or the United States resorted to the use of military force against terrorist groups excluded from RPBD in geographical areas that are in close proximity to the parties involved in RPBD, the party resorted to the use of military force, notify the other party and Special envoy of the UN Secretary General about the circumstances related to the use of military force, and on measures taken to prevent attacks against the parties involved in RPBD.

8. In the interest of obtaining relevant information about actual or potential violations of RPBD The competent authorities and co-chairs the STF RPBD MTT may request information from the parties and the Office of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Syria, and may also request information from other members of the MTT. Additionally, but not required, can be considered the publication in the media, including social media and other open sources of information available through commercial resources.

9. In the event of disagreement between the parties regarding their involvement in a specific violation of a priority in their resolution should be the interaction between the authorized body and the co-chairs of the STF RPBD MTT. Furthermore, Notified Bodies and co-chairs the STF RPBD MTT can be shared with the representatives of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the UN on Syria and other members of the MTT take these differences settlement measures through further investigation and bringing to it stakeholders.

10. In case the co-chairs of the STF RPBD MTT in coordination with STF RPBD determine that the deletion of the part RPBD and depriving the protection granted to it justified the systematic failure to comply with conditions RPBD, they immediately send the recommendation of the Co-Chairs MTT at the ministerial level to take appropriate measures in accordance with the Joint statement.

11. The Co-Chairs of the STF RPBD MTT on a regular basis will be sent to the MTT consistent information on compliance by the parties RPBD. This procedure will be carried out through the Office of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Syria, acting as the secretariat.

12.Control of compliance with the conditions of the cessation of hostilities must be carried out fairly and openly with broad media coverage.

Joint document from 15.07.2016, the

Practical approach to US-Russian efforts in the fight against LIH and "Dzhabhat en-Nusra" and strengthening of the cessation of hostilities

Underwritten aims to promote a political settlement of the Syrian conflict, as well as the fact, to allow the US and Russia to work together in the interests of destruction "Dzhabhat en-Nusra" (DAN) and LIH, including overlapping flow of insurgents, weapons and funding through the Syrian border, in the context of strengthening of the cessation of hostilities (RPBD) RPBD with all parties, to comply with its conditions.

Delimitation of territories controlled by the LIH, DAN and the forces of the moderate opposition, remains a priority, as well as the separation of the moderate opposition forces from DAN.

DAN LIH, and you must deny safe haven to the whole territory of Syria.


1) Russia and the United States are stepping up their efforts to ensure full compliance with the immediate RPBD according to a joint US-Russian statement on February 22, 2016 "Terms of the cessation of hostilities in Syria."

2) Russia and the United States as soon as possible complete the overall map specific areas. These areas include the territory dominated by the opposition, areas with a high concentration DAN formations, as well as areas dominated by the opposition, with some possible presence of DAN. Technical experts from Russia and the United States will cause the geographical coordinates of these special areas.

3) In the context of strengthening RPBD to provide a period of reduced violence, in accordance with the aspirations of Russia and the United States, the United States and Russia will create a Joint Executive Centre (JRC), which will include experts on the subject and Syrian specialists in identifying goals. JRC should be deployed by mutual agreement.

4) The JRC should carry out tasks listed below in the following order:

a) the exchange of intelligence information and the definition of targets for military action against DAN in specific areas. Such information should include leaderboards DAN coordinates the location of training camps of militants DAN, weapons depots, ammunition and material resources, administration, areas of concentration of personnel, weapons and military equipment, as well as supply routes and other purposes relating to DAN.

b) determining the list of targets for air strikes VKS Russia and / or the US Air Force, relating to the activities of DAN.

c) after the approval of the initial list of objectives, the date set for when VKS Russia and / or the US Air Force will start strikes to the agreed objectives DAN. At the same time all of the Air Operation Syria using both aircraft and helicopters will be discontinued in these areas, with appropriate exceptions for the agreed non-combat tasks such as medical evacuation, rehabilitation of victims and other humanitarian supplies agreed non-combat tasks.

d) the Syrian military can conduct air operations against DAN outside special areas.

e) In case of violation of the terms of this document or RPBD, the US or Russia could suspend its participation in the JRC.

5) The process of determining goals through the application of the JRC and airstrikes by DAN forces VKS Russia and the United States Air Force will be constant and continuous. As part of the JRC should be carried out exchange of information on the effectiveness of targeting DAN and the development of the situation on the ground.

6) With the exception of the immediate threats to Russia or the United States, when prior approval can not be objective, Russia and the United States can only act against DAN objects that have been agreed in advance and in accordance with the procedures through existing military channels to prevent incidents.

7) The JRC will also work to build up the most independent, but synchronized effort against LIH.

8) All of the above efforts will be conducted in accordance with international humanitarian law and in full compliance RPBD.

9) The JRC will develop mechanisms for monitoring the effectiveness and to ensure the full implementation of the above provisions.

10) Modalities JRC activities and the implementation of the above steps will be determined in the course of bilateral negotiations, which will begin on Tuesday-Wednesday next week and will be completed within 5-7 days.

11) The steps above should be seen as steps toward a fuller understanding between the US and Russia on three interrelated issues, aimed at the safe end of the conflict and destruction and DAN LIH:

a) military cooperation and intelligence line between Russia and the United States to defeat and DAN LIH;

b) Translation RPBD in a long-term cease-fire throughout the territory of Syria;

c) political transition in Syria in accordance with resolution 2254 of the UN Security Council. US and Russian Recommend Offer Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN on Syria as a starting point for further negotiations of an inclusive group of participants mezhsiriyskogo dialogue and will encourage their constructive and positive work.

Agreed in Geneva, September 9, 2016:

Reducing the level of violence, restoration of access and the creation of SIG

The Russian Federation and the United States (hereinafter - Parties) are going to take joint efforts to stabilize the situation in Syria by taking special measures in the area of ​​Aleppo. The main priority is the delineation of territories under the control of LIH, "Dzhabhat en-Nusra" and the moderate opposition, as well as the separation of the moderate opposition groups and "Dzhabhat al-Nusra."

Parties shall appoint the date and time following entry into force of the measures (the day "D").

On the day of the "D" for a period of 48 hours, all participants of the cessation of hostilities (RPBD) in Syria restore RPBD and will fully comply with the terms RPBD, as outlined in "Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the United States" of 22 February 2016. Specifically: termination of the application of air strikes, missiles, mortars and anti-tank guided missiles; the rejection of the acquisition of territory and the desire to seize the territory occupied by the other parties to the ceasefire; granting humanitarian organizations access to areas under the operational control RPBD participants, as well as creating conditions for immediate humanitarian aid has been delivered to all in need; commensurate use of force in the second order in self-defense.

The parties agree and notify the parties of the date and time of occurrence of the day "D".

The day "D + 2" if RPBD conditions in Syria continue to be met and the parties will be satisfied with its implementation, they will prolong RPBD for an agreed period of time. Later on the same basis as the Party may decide on the indefinite nature RPBD. The Parties shall use their influence on the parties to fully comply with their RPBD conditions.

Special measures will be introduced on the road, "Castello" (according to the agreed coordinates), in particular:
Starting from the "D" and to deploy checkpoints on the road, "Castello" humanitarian aid will be delivered to g.Aleppo in accordance with the provisions RPBD UN procedures, as well as in coordination with the authorized representatives of the United Nations. The monitoring mission of the United Nations (MMOON) deployed on the Turkish border, continue checking and sealing of trucks intended for the delivery of humanitarian assistance along the way, "Castello" in the eastern part of the city of Aleppo. 

The integrity of the seals will not be violated, and trucks will not be opened by any authorities, between the point of verification and sealing in Turkey and the point of unloading at the UN warehouses and its partner organizations in the eastern and western parts of the city of Aleppo.

The Syrian Red Crescent Society (SRCS) (or another agreed third party) as soon as possible, will begin work on the two CAT (at agreed locations) to confirm that, before issuing CPR UNOPS in accordance with the way described in this same section less traffic on the road is carried out only proven MMOON trucks, and the integrity of the seal is not broken. Small units of no more than 20 armed men on each shift, which is allocated by the government and opposition forces, as well as being equally acceptable to them, will ensure the safety of SRCS staff at the checkpoint in the western and eastern ends of the road "Castello". 

The UN will monitor (via physical presence or remote) the activities of all personnel at the checkpoint. Checkpoints, where SACB and involved staff ensured his physical safety will be transferred under the management of an independent international staff of the UN Office for Project Services (or another agreed third party) as soon as possible. PPC, under international control, will provide a phased unimpeded movement of humanitarian, commercial and civilian traffic on the road, "Castello", as well as non-use of the roads for the transportation of weapons (in accordance with procedures to be developed in the future). 

Phased traffic will begin as soon as possible when the personnel responsible for the work of the CPT, in coordination with the UN and the Parties determines that sufficient opportunities for the safe and orderly traffic.

At the same time with the deployment outlined in paragraph 3b SACB PPC or other agreed third party, the pro-government forces and moderate opposition groups simultaneously depart from the road, "Castello", thereby creating a demilitarized zone.

In particular, pro-government forces shall bring heavy weapons such as armored vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles (other than the BTR-60 and BMP-1 without ATGM), tanks, artillery and mortars, over a distance of 3500 meters north from the road;

Shall bring heavy machine guns, BTR-60 and BMP-1 without ATGM at a distance of 2,500 meters to the north of the road;

Will be allocated the entire personnel, armed with small arms
and machine guns, except for the personnel of the two observation posts, at a distance of 1,000 meters to the north from the road;

Will be allocated the entire personnel and weapons at a distance 500 meters south of the road;

Install no more than two observation posts at a distance
not less than 500 meters north of the road, "Castello". 

Location posts will be agreed between the parties, taking into account the characteristics of the terrain (the staff of no more than 15 people with small arms for self-defense and surveillance facilities); will not interfere with the movement of humanitarian, civil and commercial vehicles on the road, "Castello";

There are not to occupy the areas left by the opposition groups, or to equip the position in the demilitarized zone, except for the observation posts.

Opposition groups at the same time take the following steps:

At the eastern end of the road "Castello" in accordance agreed with the card (to be specified), the opposition will act depending on the action of the Kurdish militia troops. 

If the Kurds will remain in place to the north of the road, "Castello", the opposition will remain in their positions. If the Kurds retreat 500 meters south of the road,
"Castello" then that zone can be considered demilitarized, and opposition groups will depart at 500 meters to the north of the road, "Castello";

In the western end of the "Castello" road (at the contact line, passing to the north of the trade "Castello" center) withdrawing the opposition forces will be similar to the withdrawal of pro-government forces.

The formation of the opposition, are squared 31/15 (map Russian side) in the area north of "Castello" shopping center, would be taken armored vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles (other than the BTR-60 and BMP-1 without ATGM), tanks, artillery
mortars and 3,000 meters, heavy machine guns, BTR-60, BMP-1 without ATGM - 2500 meters, and the staff of small arms or light machine guns - at a distance of 1000 meters north of the road, "Castello".

On the stretch of road from the shopping center "Castello" until the roundabout Layramun opposition groups will be allocated personnel and weapons to a distance of 500 meters north of the road, "Castello", which will mirror the answer to the withdrawal of pro-government forces to a distance of 500 meters south of the road "Castello "between these points;

Opposition groups will not impede the movement of humanitarian, civil and commercial vehicles on the road, "Castello"

Opposition forces would not occupy the areas left by pro-government forces, or equip items in the demilitarized zone, except for the observation posts;

Opposition groups will make every effort to prevent forces "Dzhabhat en-Nusra" in the demilitarized zone with the adjacent areas under the control of opposition groups.

All Syrians, including militant opposition groups with weapons, can leave the city of Aleppo on the road, "Castello", knowing that they will suffer no harm, and they can go in any direction. 

Militants fleeing Aleppo weapons must coordinate in advance with the representatives of UN terms the use of "Castello" road, as well as the amount of output of personnel, weapons and military equipment. 

In addition, there is no harm to civilians and the formation of the opposition, decided to stay in the city of Aleppo and comply with the terms RPBD.

These violations of the demilitarized zone by any of the participants will be sent to the Russian Federation and the United States. 

In the case of penetration into the demilitarized zone of the militants' Dzhabhat Al-Nusra "after the establishment of SIG, the United States and Russia will act
in accordance with the mandate of SIG.

On the day "D" as pro-government forces and opposition groups that are in the area Ramos, provide safe, unimpeded and sustained humanitarian access to the eastern and western parts of the city of Aleppo. 

They will also assist in the smooth movement of all commercial and civilian traffic on the road to Khan Tuman passing through Ramus, in coordination with the UN and create a monitoring mechanism, to be agreed by the Parties and the United Nations as soon as possible to ensure continued access. 

For this purpose no later than the fourth day since the "D" will be held the meeting of the Parties to the expert groups and the UN. 

Delivery of humanitarian aid will be in accordance with the provisions established by the UN RPBD and procedures, as well as in coordination with the authorized representatives of the United Nations. 

No opposition groups or pro-government forces will not take attacks within the boundaries of the area indicated on the attached map, in accordance with its geographic coordinates (hereinafter - the "District"). 

No opposition groups or pro-government forces will not attempt to take in the "area" new territory, controlled by the other party.

4. The Parties confirm to each other that the Syrian Government
and opposition groups agree to abide by the provisions of the Mandate SIG, including the agreed areas (geographical coordinates are determined by the Parties), which will not apply the Syrian air force, with the exception of non-combat missions coordinated, and where the parties will develop goals to counter "Dzhabhat al-Nusra."

5. The parties announced the creation of ICS on the basis of a mandate SIG and areas agreed by the Parties, after both parties will be satisfied with the implementation of the measures referred to in paragraphs 1-4 (except for deployment PPC service of the UN Office for Project Services and the relevant humanitarian movement, commercial and civil transport and the organization of the monitoring mechanism referred to in paragraph 3f ), for a minimum of seven days of continuous compliance RPBD conditions.

Appendix A

• Starting with the day "D" Parties will start the preparatory work for the establishment of the JRC. 

This training will include an initial discussion and the exchange of information needed to distinguish between the territories controlled by DAN and opposition groups in areas of intense fighting to eventually come out on the functioning of the JRC. 

A more comprehensive process of demarcation will be carried out by experts from the inception of the JRC. Preparation for the establishment of the JRC will also include: the selection of suitable temporary and long-term facilities for accommodation; definition of necessary working procedures consistent with already agreed mandate; determining the need for mutually agreed adjustments already agreed map of areas that need to be made in accordance with the changes "on the ground" so that the JRC could be fully operational at the end of a seven-day continuous compliance RPBD conditions of access in the city of Aleppo, in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

• In the period between the day "D" and the establishment of the JRC, each Party shall determine the validity of data for targeting and DAN LIH, in order to be able to share them so that the strikes could begin on the day of the creation of the JRC. 

Along with Russian and American strikes against the agreed objectives of the JRC within the entire Syrian air force activity (aircraft and helicopter flights) in the areas agreed by the Parties will be terminated in accordance with the mandate.

• On the day of the "D" Government and opposition groups are members RPBD, the Parties confirm their commitment to the observance of RPBD. 

In respect of any breach of RPBD before or after the establishment of the JRC will apply measures to the respective to the terms RPBD agreed in the Joint Statement of 22 February 2016, and with the "Standard Terms and procedures necessary to ensure the cessation of hostilities" from March 28, 2016 .

• The Parties undertake to accelerate the deployment of UNOPS mission on the road, "Castello", in accordance with paragraph 3b.

• The action of the day "D" will begin at 19:00 Damascus time Monday, September 12, 2016.

• Each Party reserves the right to withdraw from this agreement if it considers that the provisions are not met.”

The above text is part of what was agreed on between Russia and America in Geneva on September 9. It shows how detailed these type agreements are, wanting everything possible covered, ideally eliminating all ambiguity.

Russia and Syria scrupulously observed terms agreed on. US-supported terrorists breached them straightaway, Pentagon warplanes days later. Instead of ceasing hostilities, they escalated, showing deals America agrees on aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Liberating Syria requires eliminating all anti-government forces - US-supported terrorists, no moderates among them as falsely claimed.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at 

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump and Hillary Fiddle While Planet Earth Burns

Trump and Hillary Fiddle While Planet Earth Burns

by Stephen Lendman

Monday night was more evasion, distraction and political fraud than anything resembling real debating - like all previous encounters of the same kind preceding them, demagoguery and bad theater instead of substance, failing to give voters real information on where candidates stand on major issues of our time.

Monday and two upcoming spectacles conceal America’s imperial madness, its endless war on humanity at home and abroad, its neoliberal harshness, neocon lunacy and police state viciousness - its fantasy democracy serving its privileged few alone at the expense of most others, millions most in need treated like nonpersons.

Tyrannical ruthlessness gets increasingly worse, each new administration since the neoliberal 90s outdoing previous ones in villainy. 

World war rages in multiple theaters, new ones waiting to explode, all independent governments at risk of being violently toppled, trillions of dollars spent on militarism and imperial madness, social decay festering at home.

Deepening homeland poverty, real unemployment at Depression-era levels, along with an epidemic of hunger and homelessness nationwide go unaddressed, while social justice erodes en route to disappearing altogether.

Presidential aspirants deliver hollow promises for change. Betrayal always follows once in office.

What kind of society spends most of its vast wealth for butchery, barbarism, brutishness, bloodshed and enriching its privileged few at the expense of most others?

What kind turned planet earth into a slaughterhouse, making it too dangerous to live in, laying waste to whole nations, sustaining an insatiable genocidal rage - while giving short shrift to vital needs of its own people. Pretending otherwise adds insult to injury.

Presidential aspirants ignore or pay lip service alone to major issues of our time - power and self-enrichment their main goals, monied interests benefitting over popular ones, tyranny replacing fundamental freedoms.

Will next year bring responsible change? Will new political leadership serve everyone equitably, going where no administration and Congress ever went before?

Is a new leaf about to be turned? Will warriors become peacemakers? Will neoconservatism and neoliberalism disappear? Will honesty and integrity follow longstanding debauched practices?

Will real democracy replace its fantasy version? Will government henceforth represent everyone fairly and squarely? Will swords be turned into plowshares? Will equity and social justice become the new national norm?

Will history’s greatest human and civil rights abuser become its principled champion? Will daily sunrises forevermore occur in the West, sunsets in the East? Will humanity survive endless imperial wars threatening everyone everywhere?

Borrowing a line from Joyce Kilmer, I think that I shall never see America at peace instead of war, harmony instead of conflict, equity instead of injustice, wellness instead of endless suffering.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.